“On the way to Bethlehem”

On the evenings from Monday 7 December to Thursday 10 December at 7.00pm, we will be holding an Advent Retreat, with the title “On the way to Bethlehem”.

Each night we will be looking at the different people who went to Bethlehem during the first Christmas, and finding out how their experience helps us in our own faith.

A zoom invitation will be sent out for you to join in, and each session will have some points for reflection for you to look at during the following day.

Session 1: Monday 7 December 7.00pm

“Citizens of the City of David”

For reflection…

Think about God’s people in the time when Jesus was born.

Think about how few would have known at the time what was happening.

How far do we see God at work in the midst of those around us today?

Pray for each  person that we know or see in our own community to be aware of Jesus coming and what that means for them.

Session 2: Tuesday 8 December 7.00pm


For reflection…

Read through Matthew chapters 1 & 2, Luke chapters 1 & 2

See how the angels are used by God

Let’s ask God afresh to use us in his will and plans and purposes

Session 3: Wednesday 9 December 7.00pm

“Shepherds and Magi”

For reflection…

Read through Luke 2 and Matthew 2

Think on the lives of the shepherds and the Magi

Spend some time making a conscious decision to include yourself in God’s call

Think about the scene of Jesus’ birth

Place yourself in this scene and bring to God your own gift – yourself

And be received just as you are

Session 4: Thursday 10 December 7.00pm

“Jesus God Incarnate”