Christian Aid Week 2021

10-16 May

Christian Aid Week this year centres around Climate Justice, especially looking at how this has created issues in Eastern Africa.


Christian Aid Open Garden

30 May 1.30pm-5.00pm

Garden of the Williams in Clifford’s Mesne


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Ways of getting involved and CA Week Events:

1. 300,000 Steps Challenge – during May (some are changing this to suit their age/ fitness)

2. Quiztian is an online quiz on Saturday 8 May. This year’s Quiztian Aid will be hosted by Tobi and Prisca Bakare, with contributors including Kate Bottley, Rhidian Brook, Kris Marshall and Rowan Williams. ‘It’s sure to be an entertaining evening, we will be sharing the CAW film and there will be a light focus on climate change with a bonus climate related question in each round.’

3. A 75th Anniversary Service at 6.30pm on Sunday 9 May.

You need to sign up to watch this:

4. Song of the Prophets is a music item from St Paul’s Cathedral on 9 June.

5. A ‘Postcard to Boris’ organised by the CA Campaigns’ Team. This invites us to write to our Prime Minister concerning the G8 response to Climate Change.

G7 climate finance postcard action – Christian Aid

6. CA’s anniversary publication ‘Rage and Hope’ – 75 Days of 75 Prayers – to order a copy from SPCK at £9.99, please follow the link:

7. A cuppa and a prayer. This year is crucial in the struggle for climate justice. To rise to the challenge, we must underpin it in prayer. Prayer that will transform us and our actions, shape our understanding, and help us start anew.

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world besides water – and demand is increasing. But climate change threatens its future through temperature rise, drought, floods, hail stones and pest increase.

Christian Aid Week highlights the threat of climate change on tea producers in Kenya. Pray with us to see God’s creation healed and restored.

Tea-time prayer

God of all of life, waiting for the water to boil we confess and lament the rise of temperature that has led to a climate crisis across this beautiful planet. We wait, impatient for change. Pouring out hot water on loose-leaf or tea bag, into teapot or favourite mug, we pour out our intercessions for a change of heart by politicians to put planet and people first. Stirring teabag, leaves or sugar we ask that you would stir in us a passion to take action, to do all we can at this critical hour to take care of our common home and amplify the call for climate justice. Drinking that first satisfying sip we give thanks for the day when ‘they will hunger no more, and thirst no more’* Infuse us with a strongly brewed vision of your creation healed and restored. Amen.

(*Revelation 7:16).  #AmenToClimateJustice.

As we aim to underpin 2021 in prayer for climate justicesay a tea-time prayer in solidarity with those experiencing the worst of climate injustice in Kenya today.

Grab a cuppa, say our tea-time prayer and post a picture of yourself and your brew at 11am every day during Christian Aid Week (10-16 May).  Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #AmenToClimateJustice.


Amazing News from Christian Aid Week 2020

10-16 May

Nearly £4m raised!

525+ joined online for the Quiztian Aid event

7,670 signatures for the Cancel the Debt petition

3,802 e-Envelopes shared

643 local fundraising pages created (including our own)


Thank you to everyone who gave and to everyone who was involved