Information And Support During COVID-19

Please check this post regularly for information about support and care of our church family and community.


Opening of Church Buildings

Private Prayer

We are now open for private prayer at our benefice churches.

St. Mary’s Newent – Mondays and Thursdays 10.00 – 12.00

Christ Church Gorsley – Wednesdays and Saturdays 9.00 – 5.00

St. Peter’s Clifford’s Mesne – Tuesdays and Friday 9.00 – 5.00

(please wear a facemask and use the hand sanitising gel on entry and departure)


Sunday Services

Our zoom services will continue on-going and in addition we are aiming to open for worship as below:

St. Mary’s Newent – from Sunday 9 August

Christ Church Gorsley – from Sunday 16 August

St. Peter’s Clifford’s Mesne – from 2 September

(more information soon)


What You’ve Been Doing

Send in your contributions…


Worship Services and Resources

Worship For Newent Benefice

Week by week we will be posting worship resources and services for Sunday Worship for Newent Benefice.

Link to services and resources

Worship From Gloucester Diocese

Link to services and resources

Link to prayer resources

(This includes Pocket Prayer guides on different styles of prayer to try out)

Worship From The Church of England Website and Dial-In


Link to Thy Kingdom Come


Daily Hope
Free Dial-In Worship Phone line launched by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Daily Hope, is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 and offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line.

Worship From Baptist Website

Worship From Methodist Website

Daily Prayer Resources

Church of England

Link to Daily Prayer

This booklet of prayers has been released for use during the Coron-19 crisis:

A Pattern of Daily Prayer 



Link to Prayer Broadcasts

Link to Prayer and Reflections



Link to Daily Prayer


Useful Information Compiled by St. Mary’s:

Things to enjoy…



Romancing The Wind – Ray Bethell

Link to clip







A few cards from Rachel Smith

Do get in touch if you would like to place an order – we’ll circulate her email in the next bulletin


Jerusalem – Covid-19 Version 

And did our feet, pre-Covid times, walk upon England’s mountains green?

And were our children out at play in England’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did those rainbows so divine shine forth upon our window sills,

For NHS, much needed here, amongst towns, villages and hills?


Bring me my soap, to wash my hands, bring me my shopping I require,

Bring me my health, and my household, bring me the strength that I desire.

We will not cease to fight this blight, nor spread this virus by our hand,

Till we have stayed six feet apart, to free our green and pleasant land!

(With apologies to William Blake)


Daffodil Poem (Covid Style)

I wondered lonely as a cloud two metres from the madding crowd.

When all at once my name was called to enter Waitrose hallowed hall.

This was the pensioners’ special hour, I’d gone to get a bag of flour;

But  I forgot, when through the door, what I had gone to Waitrose for.


The Waitrose staff  are extra kind. I told them it had slipped my mind.

They asked what else I had forgot – they clearly thought I’d lost the plot!

I phoned my wife again to ask; she reminded me of this one task:

“I need some flour to bake a cake with all that cream you made me take”

“Ah yes,” I said.  I had to lie. I dared not ask what flower to buy,

But then I saw them next the tills – A host of golden daffodils!


The wisdom held in a library


Hunt the Camel



What an inspirational couple

Link to clip


Animals reclaiming the world

Link to clip


How’s your baking going?



A Bird Song Opera

Link to clip




Punctuation is so important…

I’m giving up eating chocolate for a month.

Sorry, I got the punctuation wrong:

I’m giving up.

Eating chocolate for a month.


A clips sent in to us – do enjoy

Link to clip

Items of News

We are now open for private prayer at our benefice churches and are looking forward to opening in due course for worship services.

Weekend Away – this has now been postponed since the news that Brunel Manor has ceased trading.  All deposits have been secured and we will give more information in due course about alternative venue and arrangements.

Please pray for Vio and Emma and the family, pastors at St. Mary’s link church in Romania who have lost 2 members of their family to Covid-19.  Both of them were church pastors.  Vio and Emma’s trip to visit us has now been postponed.

Mothers’ Union Coffee Morning – our last event before Coronavirus – raised £189.75. Thank you to all involved.

Galleries up to date – while we are now in isolation, why not take a moment to look at happy times and events in the 2019 Galleries. We now have new software in place to speed up the loading of future events.

Link to Gallery

Local Food Suppliers And Others

As more shops are now opening, we want to say a big thank you to all local traders who operated during the lockdown to ensure our food and essential supplies – let’s ensure we continue to support them into the future.

[Collection and Deliveries as indicated]

All Seasons Deli (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 822940

Buttery Tea Rooms (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 820896

Co-op (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 828137

Andy Creese Butchers (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 820209

Fish Van Co-op Car Park (Collection)

Forest Bakehouse (Collection): 01452 830435

Gorsley Village Shop: 01989 721233

Kings Arms (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 820035 (Pub food and Mixed Grocery Boxes)

Newent Friday Market (Deliveries): 07814 163361 E

Newent Tandoori (Collection): 01531 822748/828264

Nisa (Collection): 01531 820217

Pippins (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 820459 / 07402 129847

The Roadmaker (Collection): 01989 720352 (Indian Food)

Sizzling Wok (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 822333

Tudor Fish and Chip Shop (Collection & Deliveries): 01531 828432

Whittals: 07966 074643 (Meals, Savouries, Bread, Confectionary)

Wyedean Health Foods Newent (Collection): 01531 821922

Surgery and Dispensary

A huge thank you to all those involved in our medical care during this difficult time.

Things To Do At Home


Missing exercise? 80-year-old Green Goddess Diana Moran is on Youtube

Link to Green Goddess Youtube Exercise

For the Younger Age range and children try PE with Joe Wicks on The Body Coach TV

Link to PE with Joe Wicks


Flower Arranging

Hans Haverkamp is a flower arranger whose work has been seen at weddings at Christ Church Gorsley in our Benefice. He runs a flower school at Twyning (M50/M5 junction) and is a proud winner of a Chelsea gold. His classes include church arranging and he has set up his online flower school

Link to Hans Haverkamp Online Flower School    

Due to the rapidly evolving situation, his suggestion of foraging the sides of the road is now no longer recommended, but you may well be able to find bits and pieces in the garden as alternatives.


Listening Books

Enjoy reading?  Below is the link for Listening books.  Please note you do not have to have a medical note to confirm a condition, and anxiety from this current situation also counts).

Go to

Link to Listening Books 

You can also contact the library team to join by telephone 020 7407 9417.



A great way to relax as well as take part by trying our your own skills with Bob Ross a Christian painter.

Link to Bob Ross Youtube channel

Also on Netflix.

Please let us have suggestions for what to add here on 01531 821641.



We are aiming to speak with all members of the church family within the next week to check how people are and whether there are any particular needs.

We are also arranging a Communications Grid via email with telephone contacts for those without internet facilities.

Office Answer Machine will be checked regularly to respond to enquiries 01531 821641.


Support for those with particular needs

The Lord’s Larder:

The Lord’s Larder will continue to open. A huge thank you to Roger, Carol and Graham who have worked tirelessly over recent days to ensure our operation. Our new co-ordinator Ben Draper can be reached on 07944 590520.

A big thank you too, to our volunteers who serve faithfully on a regular basis, and a welcome to our latest recruits.

We Will Help Newent:

St. Mary’s along with other churches and community organisations are supporting “We Will Help Newent” based on Facebook linking volunteers with those who need specific help (for example shopping, collecting prescriptions).

Feeding the 5000/The Long Table:

This venture has now closed. We worked collaboratively with the Diocese and other local churches to supply meals to those who are most in need and we able to help over 300 people.


For up to date official information, please consult the following:

UK Government

Church of England

CAB can be reached on 01452 527202


A Prayer for all those affected by Coronavirus

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.