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Rector’s Letter for Easter

When Jesus began his earthly ministry, he gathered a group of people by issuing them with an invitation – “Follow me!”
They did just that and discovered, not just more and more about him, but rather they discovered him for who he was, as a person.
And he called them into a personal relationship with him, building intimacy and understanding.
They found the one who loved them just as they were, and yet he took them on further in their journey of discovery, so that they were changed and transformed.
As the hymn puts it – “ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven”.
The reason for this was that the journey would take them to a cross on which he died. Three days later, on Easter Sunday he rose from the dead.
The words of the Easter Acclamation we now use are
“Hallelujah Christ is risen
He is risen indeed, Hallelujah!”
In this Easter season, I want to issue an invitation to each one of you:
“Follow him – follow Jesus”.
If you haven’t done so before then really try him out.
If you once ventured on the road with him, but for whatever reason, have been by the roadside for a while, try him again.
If you’ve been walking with him for a while, then you’ll know.
The road may not be easy at times – life often isn’t. But travelling with Jesus isn’t just to make life easier, or to just make a bit of a difference. It totally transforms your very being.
As Christ is risen (and we can say Hallelujah in celebration of that) then in the words of our communion service, we may “live his risen life”.
He says to you and to me in this Easter season:
“Follow me”
“Give your life to me”
If you’d like a companion along the way, then give us a call – the journey is quite something.
With our love and every blessing to you


Weekly Prayer Meeting

We are now meeting to pray every week seeking God’s face and waiting on Him!

Tuesday 9.00am at St. Mary’s


Wednesday 9.00am alternating between Christ Church Gorsley and St. Peter’s Clifford’s Mesne


Standing together in prayer before our Heavenly Father

In the Power of the Spirit

In the Name of the Son

Please come along

Everyone Welcome


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