[Please watch this space for confirmation of this year’s events due to Covid restrictions]

Standing together in prayer before our Heavenly Father

In the Power of the Spirit

In the Name of the Son

Please come along

Everyone Welcome

2022 Programme yet to be confirmed and may move to zoom


Mondays afternoons

24/1/22 2.00pm

28/2/22 2.00pm

No Meeting March (Lent Course)

25/4/22 2.00pm

23/5/22 2.00pm

27/6/22 2.00pm

25/7/22 2.00pm

22/8/22 2.00pm

26/9/22 2.00pm

24/10/22 2.00pm

28/11/22 2.00pm

No Meeting December


Tuesdays night

18/1/22 7.30pm

15/2/22 7.30pm

No Meeting March (Lent Course)

19/4/22 7.30pm

17/5/22 7.30pm

21/6/22 7.30pm

19/7/22 7.30pm

16/8/22 7.30pm

20/9/22 7.30pm

18/10/22 7.30pm

15/11/22 7.30pm

No Meeting December